Creative Business seminars and videos are based on the principle of experience sharing—what actually does and doesn't work in the demanding environment facing every creative firm today. The material presented summarizes the successful practices of thousands of individuals across North America, as gathered by Creative Business over many years and constantly updated. No seminars are currently scheduled. Current video courses are listed below.

The instructor: Cameron S. Foote is founder and editor of Creative Business. He has over forty years of industry experience including stints at small and large agencies, as creative services director for a Fortune 500 firm, and running his own creative firm. He is the author of the industry's three best-selling business books, "The Business Side of Creativity," "The Creative Business Guide to Running a Graphic Design Business," and "The Creative Business Guide to Marketing."


Nothing is more important to the future of a design firm than how it gets business, especially during tough times. Yet developing a steady stream of work, month-in and month-out, is an ongoing challenge. Word-of-mouth, referrals, and occasional marketing are rarely enough. Without regular and focused marketing, a firm often finds itself on a feast-or-famine roller coaster at best; at worst, struggling for its very existence. Today more than ever, there's a strong correlation between the success and the effectiveness of a design firm's marketing efforts.

This short, 40-minute video course is a condensed version of the popular one-day seminar of the same name that has previously been presented nearly one hundred times in cities across America. It is offered through at $30; $20 for CB subscribers (use coupon code SUB DISCOUNT).

Who will benefit: Anyone responsible for building and sustaining a profitable level of business activity--freelancers, principals, new business development personnel, and account executives.

What you will learn: Strategies and tactics: defining them in ways that meet your sales objectives, and what are acceptable time and expense ratios. Prospecting and contacting: using traditional and social media, qualifying prospects, getting appointments, and employing sales personnel. Presenting and closing: developing effective presentations, countering pricing and other objections , closing the sale, and measuring success.

At the end of this course you'll have the knowledge that's necessary to avoid the "feast or famine" that plagues many freelances and firms of all sizes.

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Freelancing can be a wonderful and rewarding way to make a living. But let's also be realistic. Only a fraction of individuals actually make a good living at it over the long term. Sooner or later, most fail and give up. They fail not because they lack talent or ambition; they fail because they fall into one or more of the pitfalls of freelancing—the things few of us ever consider, or that no one ever tells us about.

In less than 40 minutes, this course will give you the inside scoop on freelancing for a good living. It's about all the things we really need to know, the things that can make the difference between enjoying the fruits of working alone or making a career-damaging mistake. Offered through $30; $20 for CB subscribers (use coupon code SUB DISCOUNT).

Who will benefit: Anyone interested in starting or running a single-person business, especially graphic designers, web designers, copywriters, journalists, or illustrators.

What you will learn: Opportunities and challenges: the reasons why freelancing can be great for some and yet a disaster for others. Planning and organization: is part-time experience helpful? What about location? How much insurance do I need? Should I handle my own taxes? Do I need to register? How important is making a plan? Pricing, taxation, and collection: pricing realties and today's norms, avoiding estimating traps, financial priorities, cash flow, keeping more of what you make. The keys to long-term success: eight ways to ensure that your business will survive and prosper, to make sure that you always control your own future.

At the end of this course you'll know whether freelancing is for you, and if so how to maximize your chances of success.

Preview Avoiding The Perils Of Freelancing on UTube.