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This page contains four indices to information that has appeared in the Creative Business newsletter in the last several years. It was last updated on April 22, 2019.

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The following index lists alphabetically those subjects that have been featured as a management benchmark, tip, or metric in issues of the Creative Business newsletter available for downloading. Creative Business subscribers (only!) may call--(617) 451-0041--to discuss application.Our office hours are 9am to 3pm Eastern Time. Voice mail is available at other times.

Accounts receivable. How much is appropriate--March/April 2009 (Entire Newsletter); monthly reporting of (Entire Newsletter)
Aging reports. How often to run for accounts receiveable and work-in-progress--March/April 2016 (Entire Newsletter)
Bad Debts. Guidelines for the ability to absorb--July/August 2002 (Entire Newsletter)
Bank statements. Have sent to principal's e-mail--July/August 2018 (Entire Newsletter)
Billable efficiency (utilization rate). Percentage--July/August 2000 (Entire Newsletter); for individual employees?--May/June 2011 (Entire Newsletter); how often to calculate--Jan/Feb 2018 (Entire Newsletter); including after-hours time in--July/August 2016 Entire Newsletter)
Billing. How soon after project completion--March/April 2013 (Entire Newsletter); when project has been delayed--Jan/Feb 2015 (Entire Newsletter)
Business growth. What's safe--May/June 2014 (Entire Newsletter); booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet)
Business records. How long to keep--Nov/Dec 2013 (Entire Newsletter)
Bookkeeping. Average weekly time--see the booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet)
Cancellation (kill) fees. What's appropriate--Sept/Oct 2011 (Entire Newsletter)
Cell phone use. Avoiding for business--Nov/Dec 2014 (Entire Newsletter
Check signatures. What's advisible for a multiple owner firm--Jan/Feb 2011 (Entire Newsletter)
Client dependency. How much work from one or two clients?--Nov/Dec 2009 (Entire Newsletter)
Client value. Why there's little market value--Nov/Dec 2015 (Entire Newsletter)
Clients. Ratio of repeat to new--July/August 2015 (Entire Newsletter); also see the booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet)
Competitive clients. Separating work from--Nov/Dec 2010 (Entire Newsletter)
Contacts. Times needed to get projects--see the booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet)
Crucial period of growth. What's typical in a firm's development--May/June 2017 (Entire Newsletter)
Current ratio. How to calculate what's normal--July/August 2017 (Entire Newsletter)
Days sales outstanding (DSO). How to calculate--March/April 2019(Entire Newsletter)
Discounts. For early pay from institutional clients--March/April 2010 (Entire Newsletter)
Education and training budget. How much--March/April 2003 (Entire Newsletter)
Employee raises. Longest interval between--May/June 2010 (Also See "Employee salary reviews/adjustments") (Entire Newsletter)
Employee salary reviews/adjustments. How often--May/June 2013 (Also see "Employee raises") (Entire Newsletter)
Employees reporting to one supervisor. How many--Jan/Feb 2017 (Entire Newsletter)
Estimating & proposal writing time. What's appropriate--see the booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet)
Estimates, how long valid for. What's appropriate--Sept/Oct 2016 (Entire Newsletter)
Equity. When to check your firm's--Nov/Dec 2012 (Entire Newsletter)
Facilities expenses. Monthly percentage--Sept/Oct 2010 (Entire Newsletter)
Fee income. Target as % of billable payroll--March/April 2012 (Entire Newsletter)
Fee multiplier. For employees--Sept/Oct 2018 (Entire Newsletter)
Finder's fee. What's appropriate--Nov/Dec 2016 (Entire Newsletter)
Get new clients. Fastest way to--Jan/Feb 2014 (Entire Newsletter)
Growth. How much is prudent--May/June 2014 (Entire Newsletter)
Hiring staff. When to--see the booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet)
Income allocation. By business function--see the booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet)
Income per client. Safe percentage ot total--Sept/Oct 2013 (Entire Newsletter)
Income per employee. What's appropriate--July/August 2011 (Entire Newsletter);
Inflation rate. 2010 for businesses--July/August 2010 (Entire Newsletter); 2007 for businesses--Sept/Oct 2007 (Entire Newsletter)
Information gathering. As percentage of production time--March/April 2011 (Entire Newsletter)
Interruption effect on creativity. Study shows--Sept/Oct 2014 (Entire Newsletter)
Invoice payment. How long?--Sept/Oct 2008 (Entire Newsletter); speeding up--Jan/Feb 2010 (Entire Newsletter); and booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet) (Also see "Billing")
Invoicing. See "Billing"
Labor ratios. Creative to administrative--July/August 2013 (Entire Newsletter)
Liquidity required. What's appropriate--see the booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet)
Lowering estimates. By allocating costs, not fudging numbers--July/August 2012 (Entire Newsletter)
Markups. What's appropriate--see the booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet)
Marketing costs & time. What's appropriate--see the booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet)
Marketing radius. What is practical--March/April 2018 (Entire Newsletter)
Marketing staff. Ratio to producing staff--November/December 2018 (Entire Newsletter)
Marketing success. What's realistic--see the booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet)
Mailing effectiveness. Versus social media--Sept/Oct 2012 (Entire Newsletter)
Minimum fee policy. What's appropriate--Jan/Feb 2019 (Entire Newsletter)
Multiplier (markup). To apply to freeland or outside labor--March/April 2017 (Entire Newsletter)
Overcommitting. What's prudent--May/June 2009 (Entire Newsletter)
Payment schedules. For outside help--May/June 2016 (Entire Newsletter); benefiting from knowing clients'--Jan/Feb 2003 (Entire Newsletter)
Persuasion. Use of "and" rather than "but"--Nov/Dec 2007 (Entire Newsletter)
Presentations. How many to make--July/August 2014 (Entire Newsletter)
Pricing. Adopting a non-discrimination policy--May/June 2004 (Entire Newsletter) and May/June 2007 (Entire Newsletter); relating to what other professionals charge--March/April 2015 (Entire Newsletter)
Profitability. Goal for creative services firms--Jan/Feb 2016 (Entire Newsletter); from repeat versus new clients--Jan/Feb 2009 (Entire Newsletter)
Promotion. Response as a function of exposure--May/June 2018 (Entire Newsletter)
Proposals and estimates. How long good for--Sept/Oct 2017 (Entire Newsletter)
Quick ratio. What's appropriate--see the booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet)
Records. How long to keep--May/June 2019 (Entire Newsletter)
Reducing staff. When income falls--Nov/Dec 2011 (Entire Newsletter)
Relationships. Business versus personal--March/April 2015 (Entire Newsletter)
Repeat/new client business ratio. What's appropriate--Jan/Feb 2012 (Entire Newsletter)
Sales contacts. Average until business changes hands--see the booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet)
Space requirements. What's appropriate--see the booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet)
Staff compensation. Additional when professionals work an occasional extra hour or two?--May/June 2012 (Entire Newsletter)
Supervision. Ratio of to employees--Sept/Oct 2006 (Entire Newsletter)
Terms & conditions. What are normal--see the booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet)
Time estimates. Importance in improving profitability--Nov/Dec 2017 (Entire Newsletter)
Turning down projects. What is normal?--Jan/Feb 2007 (Entire Newsletter)
Unbilled time and expenses. How much income is needed to compensate--Jan/Feb 2013 (Entire Newsletter)
Uncollected invoices. Appropriate average--July/August 2009 (Entire Newsletter)
Work backlog. What's appropriate--see the booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet)
Work-in-Progress Aging Report. How to use--Sept/Oct 2015 (Entire Newsletter)
Workload.How much to commit to--see the booklet "50 Business Standards" (Booklet)
Working hours per week. What's normal?--see the booklet "50 Business Standards"(Booklet)