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Our January/February issue features articles on: 1) Billing Practices Survey report, 2) tips on working better with knowledgeable clients, and 3) looking at work-for-hire from a different perspective. Management Benchmark on: checking billable efficiency quarterly. Subscriber advice on: concerns about competitive clients … subcontractor due diligence …"c" vs. "s" corps … a subcontractor request … keeping a client … employee comp time … how useful are guarantees? … and moving and keeping clients. Three supplementary downloads. Order issue…

Our special December issue explains how business relationships—whether with clients or employees—are different from personal relationships, and why the metaphor "our business family" should never be applied to them. Includes several case history examples of the potential negative effects. Describes why replacing “family” with team (internal) and partner (external) is more suitable. Order issue…

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Creative Business is the only publication devoted to running a creative firm successfully.
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