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How typical is your hourly billing rate? What effect as the business recession had? This five-page article will tell you. It reports on the findings of a survey conducted in December 2015 to over 2,500 creative firms of all sizes--single-person to dozens of employees. It provides average percentages for firms with fee income in six categories: 1) under $100k, 2) $100k to 250k, 3) $250k to $500k, 4) $500k to $1.5m, 5) $1.5m to $2.5m, and 6) over $2.5m. In addition, it provides data on client awareness and response to billing rates. The report also discusses the proper use of billing rates, provides interpretation of the data, and recommends a minimum rate necessary for a firm's long-term viability.

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Marketing/sales; Pricing; Financial management; Surveys

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